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Introduction to WordPress

This is a step-by-step guide that teaches you about WordPress, one of the renowned CMS software that helps you create website even if you don’t know coding.
This guide includes:
1. Introduction to WordPress
2. Step-by-step process of installing WordPress
3. Setting up Database for LocalHost
4. Knowing the Admin Area
5. Creating and Customizing your first website

Google My Business: Complete Guide

This is a step-by-step guide for start-ups who wish to list their businesses on Google My Business (GMB) Platform.
This guide includes:
1. Introduction
2. Setup Information about GMB platform
3. Optimization of the GMB listing

Google AdWords: Complete Guide

This is a complete guide on the Google AdWords tool that helps us to run ads on different platforms over the internet.
This guide includes:
1. Introduction
2. Starting Off with Google AdWords
3. Performance Measurement

Google Analytics: The Ultimate Guide

When the company isn’t getting the leads they expect, they question if your work is
valuable. That is where data becomes crucial to digital marketers.
This guide might prove to be the ultimate tool for digital marketers while using Google Analytics,
the most robust free analytics platform available.
In this guide, you will learn:
❏ Introduction to Google Analytics
❏ Setting Up the process of Google Analytics
❏ Usage of Google Analytics
❏ Studying the Analytics Reports

Google Business Tools: All-in-One Guide

We just can’t imagine internet without Google. This company rules our personal and work life. We use popular Google products like Gmail, Google Drive and Docs almost every day. But ever thought of using Google for business? I’m sure you’ve never heard about many of the free tools provided by Google for business use. Don’t worry, I’ll be discussing about them in detail.

HTML5: A Starter's Guide

We know that HTML is the base for both CMS and Core web development. My latest work is based on the same. It is a guide for starters in the web development field. It is available on Amazon with the title HTML 5.

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